RTL for FireMonkey | Full support for bidi right to left FireMonkey

Arabic, Hebrew in FireMonkey!

Don't you wanted to use the fastest development environment, to make an for middle east?

Now it is possible to create an app in Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi) with Delphi FireMonkey for all environments.


With VCL, there was always bidi support, but you would see that this support is fading away. Unfortunately, when FireMonkey comes, there was no support for bidi in it at all. We provide a solution to this problem, so you can use the fastest development tool, for with bidi support. We home to make FireMonkey the best solution for RAD bidi enabled projects.


In MacOS and iOS there are so many components which are providing you native functionality, and in that mode they supports bidi well. But if you wanted to use other FireMonkey components that do not have native version, or you wanted styled version of those with native for animation or rotation or for putting some other effects or components on them, there is no better alternative than using our solution.

Android Devices

Our major concern is where FireMonkey's support for bidi is less, which is Android. Right now, there is no FireMonkey component, which can provide even the basic right to left functionality. So we did our best to make FireMonkey as it should be, and we believe that we succeeded.